If your pages aren’t ranking where you expect them to be, you shouldn’t worry. In SEO, you need to have patience, the willingness to perform, and a solid strategy since it is a long-term game.  

However, just because it is a long-term game does not mean there are no low-hanging opportunities to boost SEO. There are a lot of them. Most of these can be done right away and do not require making new content.  

Lucky for you, we’re here to help. Here are several tips to improve local SEO without creating new content. 

Boost the Click-Through Rate of your Top-Ranking Pages 

The HTML aspect utilized to specify a webpage’s title is the title tag. It is vital since it acts as your article’s headline. The job of the title tag is to appeal to the user to click through your website.  

CTR (Click-Through-Rate) is the ratio of individuals who end up clicking any link.  

According to Google’s Gary Illyes, he said openly that CTR isn’t a ranking factor. However, a lot of SEO experts still think that Click-Through Rate plays a role in the rankings of your page.  

Well, it does not matter what’s true. Getting visitors to your page is the purpose of ranking number 1. You have simply won the game if you can create a title tag that entices users to choose your page over the others.  

Optimize the Speed of the Significant Page  

Almost every individual will immediately click the back button and look for something else if a page took a lot of seconds to load.  

According to Google in 2010, one ranking factor is page speed. Page speed becomes even more significant with mobile-first indexing.  

Thus, if you still don’t understand what we are saying, slow pages are bad for SEO and your business. 

Fill Content Gaps in Old Content 

Users search for a similar thing in a lot of various ways. Of course, Google knows this. That is why it ranks a virtually identical set of results for a lot of keywords.  

An average page that ranks number 1 will also rank well for around 1,000 other related keywords, according to a study.  

To do this, you have to cover one subject matter in abundant detail. This means you have to include every subtopic under the main topic. Then, you should rank for a lot of long-tail terms.  

If you’re successful, you will get more traffic to your target page as a result.  

In addition to that, you might even boost the rankings for your main keyword due to co-occurrence and phrase-based indexing.  

Improve Pages with Internal Links 

Links from a page on a similar domain to another are called internal links.  

Internal links can help improve your pages’ performance when strategically used. This is because it helps in directing the PageRank’s flow around your website. In general, a page will have a higher PageRank if it has more internal links. For those who don’t know, Google confirmed that PageRank is a ranking factor.  

Thus, it might help improve the performance of the pages in organic search if you can add several internal links from high-authority and relevant ones.